Trending Wooden Fashion 2016

Trending Wooden Fashion 2016

I simply adore wooden fashion accessories and thought it would be a good idea to write a blog on the lovely wooden accessories i have found.

The first accessory i had was given to me as a birthday gift and I simply fell in love with them then,it was a two-tone natural sandalwood watch. It was not just theMEKU-Mens-Handmade-Wrist-Watch-100-Natural-Wood-Male-Watch-Cool-Wooden-Watch-Valentine-Gift-Watch-Black-0-3 watch itself but also the way it was presented in a beautiful wrapped box. I was hooked what I really like about this are the wide variety and mixtures of wood and various colours you can get these in.

This then led me on a wooden accessory journey I would like to invite you all to share with me from wooden watches to sunglasses all the way to beaded surfer style bracelet’s and pendants.

At the closing stages of last summer I found my love for wooden sunglasses, these come in some seriously unique textures:

Acacia detailing,Cherry wood bezel’s,oak arms the list is endless I have even seen them being made from old skateboard decking!!Panda-Monroe-Sunglasses-Natural-Color-Premium-Bamboo-Sunglasses-That-Are-Lightweight-Float-on-Water-Stylish-and-Comfortable-100-Money-Back-Guarantee-0-2

The beauty is you will never find two pairs alike and will always be unique due to their raw natural materials.

Classic styles like the Aviator and Wayfarer gain a new lease of life with wooden detail.

Now in 2016 we are going to see all kinds of stunning wooden accessories start trending,reclaimed wooden earings, bracelets,necklaces that are both sustainable and contemporary.

Wood fibre fabrics are making their way into this trend too, made from wood pulp harvested from renewable tree farms. These fabrics are 100% bio-degradable and have natural anti bacterial properties and safe for sensitive skin along with being ultra durable.

I am personally finding this very exciting and I am sure that using sustainable wood in fashion is the way forward and it here to stay.

My aim for this blog is to keep you updated on my very latest finds and hope that you enjoy this wooden journey with me.